The Faint Concert

4 08 2008

Well the concert finally happened and it was amazing. Drove down to Portland which was about a 3+ hour drive each way, which wasn’t bad knowing that The Faint was to be seen. I was also really quite suprised by the type of crowd that they attracted, I was not expecting to see so many normal people there. I figured it would be much more of an alternative crowd. But I got myself a t-shirt and their unreleased CD all for $20 which was a great deal.

The opening bands were Shy Child, which I was really impressed by, and Jaguar Love, which I think was a little lackluster. Shy Child is a duo of a drummer and a guy on a keytar, and they were actually quite good… at least I liked them. The other band, Jaguar Love, was really loud and didn’t seem to be in full control of their volume/sound which made it difficult to listen to. They did have a few very good songs but for the most part Jaguar Love was fairly underwhelming.

The Faint, on the other hand, blew me away. By far the best performance by any band I have ever seen. They had a really good set list, every song they played was really good. I do wish they had played ‘The Conductor’ but that’s okay since everything they DID play was perfect. They had parts where it was so loud that I actually started to get a bit dizzy and feel off balance as the wall of sound hit me, but that kind of added to the fun. I am extremely happy that I got through that rockslide and made it to the concert. Here is the cover art for their new CD, Fasciinatiion:


It was a great night.