Korean Movie Review: Sex is Zero & Flying Boys

2 08 2008

So I decided that maybe doing something constructive in this blog… like movie reviews would be a good idea, so here is my first movie review, which is a double feature. Tonight I will be talking about the Korean movies ‘Sex is Zero’ and ‘Flying Boys’. I don’t really know what I am doing so please… cut me some slack.

Sex is Zero

Sex is Zero Cover

So what I read about this movie before I saw it was that it was a kind of Korean ‘American Pie’, which to an extent is true, but saying it is like ‘American Pie’ is not doing it justice. This movie is far better. The basic plot is that our protagonist, Eunsik, is basically the unluckiest/ most bumbling guy ever and is in love with a girl on the aerobics team (which I think is more like a gymnastics team… but only on the floor) and she, of course, likes the popular, good-looking bastard. Eunsik is also in a crazy club where they seem to just cause as much pain to themselves as possible, basically on the same level of weirdness as the aerobics club being called aerobics… Anyways the movie is quite funny and made me laugh quite often, it is supposed to be a comedy. NEW PARAGRAPH!

I would say there are several rather disgusting moments in the beginning, especially for guys, but I don’t want to spoil anything as seeing them for the first time adds a good amount to the shock value. A very surprising thing in this movie comes about 2/3 of the way through when the movie starts to have a more serious, endearing tone for a bit. This is not a bad thing, in fact, I would say it legitimizes the movie, it is just pretty unexpected in this type of movie. Overall, I would say this movie is quite good for the person that wants to be entertained, but not someone that wants to see a cinematic wonder. Its good, but I would not recommend it to everyone as a must see.

Score: 7.5/10


Flying Boys

Flying Boys Cover

This movie I went into fairly blind. It is a story about growing up and finding your way after high school. The main character, Min-Jae, was raised by an absent father, who is a commercial airline pilot, and his life is just in general not working out for him, nor for any of his friends. He is tired of the way things are going and wants to break away from the rut of his life. Luckily he is just about done with high school, in his senior year, and taking his college exams. After exams are done him and his friends decide to go have a bit of a drink and drive around in his dad’s car, both of which are illegal for them to do. He is then caught by a ballet teacher who blackmails him and his friends to take her class.

The girl that lives down the hall from Min-Jae, who he also has a crush on, is forced to take the same class as him. That is the basic premise of the movie. There is alot more to it, but I cannot just go and ruin the rest of the story for you. This movie is funny, with a few serious moments, though in the context of everything it works pretty well. I thought it was an interesting story about how people that finish high school can feel like they are stuck in a kind of limbo, and how expectations for life can be shattered. Overall I would say that this would be a great movie for anyone that has felt lost in life, which is probably quite a few people.

Score: 8.5/10


So this is my first movie review, ever. So if it sucks please be friendly and don’t hate me for it. I do not claim to know much about Korean culture yet so if I sound ignorant… it is because I am. Maybe after going to Korea I will re-watch these movies and see how they are after that. Anyways 4 AM for me so time to go to sleep