Not this again

23 10 2008

So an interesting thing happened to me the other day, for the third or fourth time. I was being evangelized by some Koreans. This has happened to me several times and, honestly, it is really annoying. They always come up to and act really friendly like they just want to talk. Then all of a sudden they starting asking you “Have you heard of Jesus Christ?”. The funny thing I personally find about this question is that, this far into the conversation they know I am from America, which is basically the most heavily Christian country in the world. Asking me if I know about Jesus Christ is kind of like asking me if I know who George Bush is. I probably knew who Jesus was before I could even speak, and I am in no way religious.

I try not to be rude to these guys as they do not mean any harm. If anything they think they are doing something nice, but they aren’t, so the other day I just told the guy that I was Jewish (which I’m not) as I thought that he would get it as I would have bee part of another religion. He goes on, however, about wanting to talk about Jesus. I find this all kind of strange, because not only does he not realize that America is a far more Christian country than Korea, but also that he either doesn’t realize what Judaism is or just doesn’t care. Although I very well could have discussed Jesus, since he was Jewish and all. Overall, this guy was so strange, much like how I see most Korean Christianity.

I really don’t think Koreans, quite get Christianity. Some believe that just by saying Jesus’ name that they can get into heaven, and this is 100% a ripoff from Pure Land Buddhism, where you chant the name of the Bodhisattva Amitabha to gain entrance into the ‘Western Paradise’ which heavily resembles Heaven. This amongst the rampant evangelism is pretty strange. It is essentially the same thing as door-to-door people in America, but you don’t have a door to close in these people’s faces as they are approaching you in a public area, and trick you into talking with them. I think if this happens much more then I am going to just give up on talking to Korean people in public, which is a shame, but this probably won’t happen anyways because that’d be stupid. Maybe I will just pretend to not speak English or something.