Exciting World of Seoul

30 07 2008

So I did a bunch of reading of other blogs and such today and now I am really excited to head over to Korea. It just sounds like an amazingly fun place. I particularly liked this one:

Journey to Seoul

She is on the summer version of my program and what she has to say about things make them all sound extremely appealing. It just sounds like a really fun, new kind of place for me to be in. Quite different than going to college in rural Ohio, which lacks quite a bit of the excitement and newness. After today’s readings I am overall, much more excited than before to be going to Seoul. I have a feeling it will at least be a very good semester, and hopefully year. Japan didn’t work out, but fate seems to want me to go to Korea, so it must be for something good.

I just need to get back down to Seattle and go meet up with some friends at our favorite Korean BBQ place, hopefully that will at least partially tide me over until I get on the plane over to there.