Not this again

23 10 2008

So an interesting thing happened to me the other day, for the third or fourth time. I was being evangelized by some Koreans. This has happened to me several times and, honestly, it is really annoying. They always come up to and act really friendly like they just want to talk. Then all of a sudden they starting asking you “Have you heard of Jesus Christ?”. The funny thing I personally find about this question is that, this far into the conversation they know I am from America, which is basically the most heavily Christian country in the world. Asking me if I know about Jesus Christ is kind of like asking me if I know who George Bush is. I probably knew who Jesus was before I could even speak, and I am in no way religious.

I try not to be rude to these guys as they do not mean any harm. If anything they think they are doing something nice, but they aren’t, so the other day I just told the guy that I was Jewish (which I’m not) as I thought that he would get it as I would have bee part of another religion. He goes on, however, about wanting to talk about Jesus. I find this all kind of strange, because not only does he not realize that America is a far more Christian country than Korea, but also that he either doesn’t realize what Judaism is or just doesn’t care. Although I very well could have discussed Jesus, since he was Jewish and all. Overall, this guy was so strange, much like how I see most Korean Christianity.

I really don’t think Koreans, quite get Christianity. Some believe that just by saying Jesus’ name that they can get into heaven, and this is 100% a ripoff from Pure Land Buddhism, where you chant the name of the Bodhisattva Amitabha to gain entrance into the ‘Western Paradise’ which heavily resembles Heaven. This amongst the rampant evangelism is pretty strange. It is essentially the same thing as door-to-door people in America, but you don’t have a door to close in these people’s faces as they are approaching you in a public area, and trick you into talking with them. I think if this happens much more then I am going to just give up on talking to Korean people in public, which is a shame, but this probably won’t happen anyways because that’d be stupid. Maybe I will just pretend to not speak English or something.


Seoul FC Game

28 09 2008

So today I went to an FC Seoul Game at the World Cup Stadium, which is literally down the street from my apartment. They were playing the Chunnam Dragons, which I was told are supposed to be a pretty good team, but they did lose 3-0 so who knows. Either way it was pretty fun to go see a game. The goals were all pretty well done so I can’t complain. The cheering was enthusiastic, but were not ridiculous like they were at Yon-Ko Jeon. I was actually able to sit down the entire game, which was nice. I also had a really good sausage from a microwave which was amusing. The accompanying beer (Hite) was bad as usual.

After the game we went to the shopping mall in the stadium… yes there is a full shopping mall inside the stadium, not just next to it. Had some dinner, Kimchi Tonkassu, and all was well. On the way out some of my friends got jackets and then we got a soccer ball to play around with outside. Good ol’ fun in Seoul as always.

Epik High Concert & Han River Park

28 09 2008

Last night I went to an Epik High concert over in the Olympic Park area. It was quite fun and entertaining. Epik High is a Korean hip-hop/rap group. It was a good concert, with most of the artists that are featured in their songs actually being there to perform, and they even had a live band to perform alot of their music. It was an indoor venue and they even launched some fireworks indoors which was pretty cool. It is nice to see a band that isn’t a pop group at all. These guys are very legitimate in their music which is good always.

Before the concert some of us also went to a park on the Han River which was fun. We sat on the grass in amazing weather and had some food and just hung out. I also rented a tandem-bike which is pretty weird to ride since they are so long. It was also incredibly uncomfortable, and pretty old, but for $6 an hour to rent it, I suppose it wasn’t all that bad. It was a good day overall though so I am happy.

Here are two videos of Epik High’s music. The first is the song ‘Fan’ which I thought was the best performance, and the second song is called ‘One’, which is my favorite recorded song, so yea.

Yon-Ko Jeon

8 09 2008

So Yon-Ko Jeon is the big series of sports games between Yonsei and Korea University. In all there is a soccer, rugby, hockey, baseball, and basketball. I went to the rugby and soccer game which was in the Seoul Olympic Stadium, and it was pretty insane. It was basically seven hours of non-stop organized cheering. It was pretty fun though and some of the cheers were actually pretty cool. My personal favorite was “Saranha da Yonsei” which translates into “I Love Yonsei”, here is a YouTube link:

Both games ended up good for Yonsei, which gave Yonsei the lead in the series, so we won this year. The one goal in the soccer game was quite a nice one at that too. Not super amazing, but it was just clean and nice with a good feed.

After the game there was a big concert and party at school where the Wonder Girls played. Many people thought it was amazing, but I thought it was rather unimpressive as they only played about three songs before leaving. People then walked around Sinchon and went to bars and such to continue the festivities, if the party at Yonsei wasn’t enough for them. It was a very long night, that I believe made me sick after some of those beers and hanigng around outisde all night in the semi-chilly weather. It was a good night overall though and worth it in the end.

The blue/good side is Yonsei and the red/evil side is Korea.

So Jet Lagging Sucks

27 08 2008

As the titles says, being jet lagged sucks. I have felt really bad all day, maybe due to the fact I only got about six hours of sleep, and had a very strange waking up experience that took about one second, which was odd. Normally my waking up is a very protracted process. I am definitely tired out right now though. It was another fun day, but it was also exhausting. I am definitely going to take tonight easy and rest up for tomorrow, which will probably end with something (probably drinking).

I do have a picture to show off though! We went onto one of the guys’ brother’s roof and it has a great view of Seoul and Sinchon. So here it is:

The view over the river

A big street in Sinchon